Hi there! I make merch!

Below are link to my Shopify and Etsy accounts! Etsy is for passive sales while Shopify will be used for new merch drops.

Both shops are currently on hiatus due to Covid-19, but I'll see you again soon!


I am full time grad student, part time merch maker who loves to experiment. Most of my catalog is passion projects, and if you're here I'm hoping that passion is what came across!

In the contact section you will find links to my shops, mailing list, and social media accounts.


Twitter: if you want to stay updated on my art, merch, and stream of consciousness all at once

Instagram: if you prefer infrequent, more aesthetic merch updates

Mailing List: if you want to be sure to get notified when new merch drops (this is useful for limited merch and pre-order announcements)